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Make room for legumes

Introducing our new Edgell Salads, an exciting combination of beans, grains and vegetables drizzled in a delicious dressing. Nutritious and tasty, you'll never have to think about what to have for lunch again! With four different salads to choose from, they're perfect to eat anytime and anywhere.

The Bean Salad Range

Slightly nutty, slightly spicy, our Lentil Salad is a mouth-watering combination of brown rice and chick pea with a mild curry dressing.
Our Red Kidney Bean Salad is popping with bursts of sweet corn and black beans, mixed with quinoa and finished with a tasty paprika dressing.
The classic flavours of risoni and red kidney beans dressed with balsamic makes our Cannellini Bean Salad simply delicious.
Our Chick Pea Salad is made with grains of buckwheat coated in a lightly spiced honey and lemon infused dressing.


Legumes are packed with nutrients.


Take them with you wherever you go.


Delicious for lunch or as a snack.


Choose from four different flavours.